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Investment Management Process


CIMI recognizes that the United States economy is inextricably linked with other economies around the world. The investment process begins therefore with a view of global economic dynamics and the effects on trade, between nations and ultimately the effects on global and US financial markets. We utilize a number of highly recognizable institutional sources as well as a few private sources to assist us in our conclusions. We are striving to identify both secular trends as well as tactical themes that ultimately lead to the individual stock or bond selection. We strongly believe in cross border open markets leading to investments that enjoy participation in faster growing emerging countries and markets.


Our investment recommendations are propriety to CIMI and we do not use any specific product or service offered by broker-dealers or  insurance companies and will generally include advice regarding the following securities:

• Exchange-listed securities

• Securities traded on NASDAQ

• Foreign issuers through ADRs

• Corporate debt securities (other than commercial paper)

• Mutual fund shares

• Closed End Funds

• Master Limited Partnerships

• United States governmental securities


All clients receive timely quarterly and annual reports detailing the activities of their account over the period covered by the report. Portfolio compositions are computer generated and reconciled with custodian reports.


We make ourselves available to clients at all times for consultation and review and our goal is to retain close personal relationships of a long term nature.


Because some types of investments involve certain additional degrees of risk, they will only be implemented/recommended when consistent with the client's stated investment objectives, tolerance for risk, liquidity and suitability.