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Quietly  growing clients’ wealth since 1989

Facts About CIMI


Creekside Investment Management, Inc. (CIMI) is located in Brenham, Texas and is privately owned by its founder and principal, Eugene C. Hammons, President and CIO. It has been in continuous business since 1989.


CIMI’s sole source of income is derived from the fees paid to it by its clients.


CIMI does not act as custodian of client assets nor does it accept cash or securities from clients. All assets under the discretionary authority granted to it by clients are held by a third party provider of such services. Clients retain full ownership of all securities.


If you're looking for a professional financial advisor who will strive to reach your financial goals, call 1-800-830-7085 or e-mail us at

If you're looking for independent objective guidance for your investments and want to work with an advisor who has your best interests in mind, then Creekside Investment Management, Inc. (CIMI) may be your solution.